Here's what some of our customers are saying


One big happy family: 

Hi Kim,

just wanted to thank you for coming over and helping us with Louie, Lola and Linus. I really didn't know what else to do. My house was completely out of control and I wasn't sleeping at all. Lola was ruling the house and i had no idea how to get control back until you came over.  I was amazed at how quickly you assessed the situation and began changing things around. You immediately took control and within minutes my house was calmer and more controlled. The dogs and cat for once are all getting along.  We have continued to instill the steps you have shown us to maintain peace and calmness.

Louie, Lola and Linus are all so much more relaxed, no anxiety and I am finally sleeping through the night with no chaos! Thank you, thank you thank you for everything! You are the best! Could not have done it with out you!!!!

We love you,

Lisa, Jeff and Jason Floyd

Enzo the English Mastiff

Dear Kim,

Cheryl and I would like to express how grateful we are to you for training our four year old English Mastiff, Enzo.

Enzo came into our lives at age three with many behavioral problems from jumping up on people to not being leash trained. The fact that he was 180 pounds at the time presented a real challenge!  Within four training sessions, Kim had us trained! She trained us on what to do to get Enzo to respond and get the results from him that we needed.

Enzo is now excellent on a leash, does his "down stays" when directed and is gentle enough to be around our 2 year old granddaughter.  Thank you Kim for helping us keep such an amazing dog who has added an un-measurable amount of happiness to our lives! 


Jason and Cheryle Totten


Otis redding the french mastiff


Thank you for all the training you have provided our French Mastiff, Otis. We could not be happier with the service you have provided. We are very excited to have Otis start training at the new facility. We look forward to signing him up for puppy day care a few days a week. We don't know what we would do without you! 


Brian and Angela