Not get along with your cat?

Spend long hours at home alone?

Need grooming?

Pull on a leash?

Jump on guests?

Not come when you call them?

Purrs and Paws can help you… and your pets!

Purrs and Paws is a state of the art training facility and full service grooming, boarding, and day care center for cats and dogs.

Our Mission

Provide structure and guidance to help you keep your pets safe, calm, and happy in your home.

Raving Fan Service

We strive to provide unique, genuine, and personalized care and attention that our customers value and rave about!

Behavioral Training

Just like humans, every animal has a unique personality.  We work with both you and your pet to develop a behavioral plan that brings calmness and balance back into your home.

Good Enough Is Not Enough!

Our staff are professionally certified, and passionate about continuing education through workshops and seminars.  We follow strict safety standards and procedures at our facility!


about US  

We are passionate about working with animals and here is why.

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